Unfortunately, you’ve all been conned. Not to worry, as I’ve been there also! Duped into believing that some ridiculous piece of exercise equipment will help you achieve the dream body we’ve always desired. Convinced that the newest and most recent diet fad will change your life forever. Not a one of you can probably say you’ve never made one of those ridiculous late night or spur of the moment purchases. You became prey of the marketing monster that the fitness and nutrition industry has become and were taken advantage of by being in one of your weakest and most vulnerable moments. A time where you were maybe willing to try ANYTHING to finally see some results. A time where the cost of the product was just too good not to pass up and at least try. And now, just as you have many times before, you find yourself hauling that worthless piece of junk to goodwill or stepping on the scale to realize you got had once again. The craziest thing of all, however, is how many people continue to get sucked into the evil and vile vortex of fitness and nutrition marketing.

It still amazes me every day how the fitness and nutrition industry continues to provide so many false hopes to millions of people while raking in more and more cash, robbing everyone blind. It’s a wicked combination of marketing at its finest taking advantage of an overinformed public that has no clue what is even correct anymore when it comes to eating healthy and working out. Think about it…How many of you reading this have a great understanding of what an effective diet that will work specifically for you actually looks like? A diet that is sustainable, realistic and helps you get down to a healthy and comfortable weight. How about exactly what exercises and rep/set schemes will get you the results and body you truly desire? It’s more than likely not because of a LACK of information, but because of a glut of BAD information and products.

You see the commercials and advertisements every day, constantly being swarmed and bombarded by them everywhere we go in public and online. Tanned, glistening and shredded physique models, actors and actresses demonstrating how THEY got into the best shape of their life using this piece of equipment or that particular diet. The ugly truth of it all, however, is that you’re so quick to forget that these people are getting paid to promote that product. They’re paid to workout and to look great! Imagine if somebody came up to you and offered you a six or seven-figure salary just to exercise and look good. Damn, what a great gig!

These paid fitness and nutrition mercenaries spend hours a day in the gym. They use drastic calorie cutting, carbohydrate manipulation, diuretics and dehydration techniques to look fantastic for a mere 24 hours to look phenomenal for the camera. On top of that, crazy lighting techniques and photo editing is performed to make them look even more extraordinary. All the while, you’re led down that deepest of rabbit holes to believe that you can somehow walk around looking like that every day while working a 40-50 hour/week job, dropping and picking up kids from daycare, chasing and chauffeuring another one or two around to school, practices, etc. And this is all while giving ourselves and our family and friends the attention, focus, love and sanity that they and we all need.

The brutal truth of it all is this… To get into the ridiculous shape as previously mentioned takes an insane amount of time and effort. It literally is a full-time job, requiring multiple hours per day of training, meal prep, cooking, etc. The cost and trade for getting that lean and fit is more than 99.9% of people are either willing to do or have the time to do. Think of how many celebrity photos you’ve seen where they are in dynamite shape after training for two to three months for a role. And then right next to that photo is the most unflattering one that the media could possibly find. A photo that actually shows that celebrity how they walk around a majority of the time. Love handles, dimpled thighs, and saggy man boobs, right?! I will give the media a little bit of credit over the fitness and nutrition marketers, however. At least they portray celebrities as REAL people by showing them in their best and worst shape.

Now, you CAN get into great shape and make it sustainable while being realistic without selling your soul or giving up everything you love in this world. Does it take a little bit of time, organization and planning? Of course it does, but it definitely doesn’t have to consume you or take over your life.

Here’s what it DOES take:
  • A commitment and some hard work
  • Ability to create and implement new and positive daily and weekly routines and habits while also eliminating negative ones from your life
  • A specific workout plan that works for YOU – your body type, experience, past, etc.
  • A sustainable nutrition plan that will generate progress, yet still allow flexibility and balance
  • Accountability
  • An all-in investment toward yourself

That last bullet is always the catching point with so many people. Everybody wants results, but many aren’t willing to make the investment to get there. Think about it… What would it be worth to you to finally drop that 20-30 pounds you’ve tried endlessly to get rid of? What would it be worth to finally have the energy levels you once had years ago? How about to finally sleep better through the night or go up stairs without pain? Or to stay active and up to speed with chasing your kids around?

I completely understand, believe me! I’m in the same boat with my business right now – paying off loans, constantly making new purchases and wondering where and when the expenses will ever end. I look at it all as an investment, however. Similar to how I recently went to a law office to have legal documents drafted. My initial thought was You’re going to charge me HOW much to have these documents drafted?! Same thing when I went to the auto shop to have my brakes replaced. What I quickly realized, however, is that I was paying for results. I was paying for the value of it and for what it would provide me with down the road. They were able to provide a service that I wasn’t able to attain or accomplish myself. The legal documents offer me protection that I, personally, can’t provide or take care of myself. My new brakes provide myself and my family with security while driving. I hardly know where the brakes are on my vehicle, let alone know how to replace them! That’s how a majority of us are when it comes to health, nutrition and fitness. It’s not a bad thing, it just is what it is! We’re surrounded by too much information. Too many companies that are in it just to sell something and make an easy buck.

When it comes down to it, be done with trying all the fads, routines and diets. Stop trying to get the body and energy levels you want with some quick fix gimmick overnight. Be honest with yourself and accept the fact that it’s going to take a little bit of time, money and sacrifice to get to where you want to be. It will take working hand in hand with somebody that has the knowledge and experience in getting clients results. Invest in yourself and you’ll never look back. It’s always the safest, yet most productive investment you can make!


*Patrick Metzger is a life and health coach and speaker that helps busy parents and professionals discover and ignite their ultimate potential in life through living healthier, happier and more balanced and fulfilled lives.