Today marks the day two years ago that my wife and I got the biggest phone call of our lives. It had been almost one year since we had officially been put on a national adoption list. I remember standing on the practice field feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket right as we were finishing up football practice. It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day, and when I saw Carissa’s name on the caller ID on my cell phone my heart stopped. I knew immediately that it was THE call we had been waiting for because she never called me during practice.

Fast forward to today, we now have a beautiful daughter that truly feels like she was meant for us. Never has a day gone by where we’ve felt like she wasn’t really ours. Zahra Gabrielle is the funniest and sweetest little girl we could have ever imagined, and we’re beyond blessed to have her in our lives. Every day we see qualities of each of us, her birth siblings and birth mother in her. We couldn’t be any luckier to have been chosen to raise her and be the most important people in her life.

Becoming a parent through adoption has been the most challenging, yet rewarding, experience of my life. It’s one that has definitely filled an open space in my heart and Carissa’s heart. I had great hopes of writing a long, heartfelt blog, but that just isn’t me and there are too many thoughts running through my head to get them all down.

I guess I’ll sum up my thoughts on parenting and adoption as this:

It’s unbelievably awesome.

It’s extremely challenging.

It’s beyond rewarding.

It’s very frustrating.

It’s something magical.

It’s a feeling all its own.

It’s not what I thought it would be.

It’s so much more than I ever thought it would be.

It’s love.

It’s proof there is a higher power.

It’s made me grow up.

It’s made me more responsible.

It’s driven me to succeed even more.

It’s made me look at everything in life in a completely different light.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.


*Patrick Metzger is a life and health coach and speaker that helps busy parents and professionals discover and ignite their ultimate potential in life through living healthier, happier and more balanced and fulfilled lives.