A Star Is Born

My wife, Carissa, and I were lucky enough to get out for a date night this past weekend while Grandma and Grandpa spent some quality time with the little turkey. Lately, we haven’t made this a big priority like we need to, but plan to build this into our schedule more, as it’s super important to spend quality time together, as well as to take a parenting breather for a few hours.

We decided to check out the movie A Star Is Born to not only see what all the hype was about, but I think my wife talked me into it more so to see her dream man, Bradley Cooper. No offense taken, as I would agree he’s a pretty sharp looking guy. Anyway, we were blown away by not just the story, but the performances of both Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. As a fan of both, we both had a completely newfound respect for Lady Gaga after the flick. We found ourselves discussing the movie over and over the rest of the weekend and watching every interview from the past few weeks we could find with the cast talking about the making of and inspiration behind the movie.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t spoil anything for you or make you feel like you just watched the movie already (like most previews you watch in the theater now), but I bring up the movie because I feel like there are so many themes behind it that a person can really grasp and digest.

  • All of us have inner demons and conflicts that hold us back, preventing us from ever reaching our full potential or completely becoming who we fully ought to be. They’re extremely painful and tough to face and confront. Don’t be too proud or scared to take them head on and ask for help, however, as some battles just can’t be fought alone.
  • You find as you go through life meeting people and experiencing the ins and outs of relationships with others, that for some you’ll be too much to handle. For others, you’ll never be enough. The only thing you can really truly be is your best and truest self. It’s not a final destination you’ll ever stumble upon, as you will never reach that point. It’s merely a journey to enjoy while striving to be the best version of you.
  • The greatest rewards in life come from taking enormous risks and occur through great change. When you trust in something or someone much bigger than you and throw away everything that feels comfortable and safe to go for it is when you officially take the stage, knees wobbling, palms sweating and all. You can live your entire life in comfort, never knowing what could have been. Or you can trust that crazy feeling in your gut and experience life.

If I haven’t peaked your interest in getting out to watch it yet, just trust me and make a point of doing so. You won’t be disappointed.


*Patrick Metzger is a life and health coach and speaker that helps busy parents and professionals discover and ignite their ultimate potential in life through living healthier, happier and more balanced and fulfilled lives.