You’ve heard the cliche multiple times before. Only as strong as the weakest link. As old a saying as it is, there’s no truer statement when it comes to the various categories within your life and the tension, or time, energy and focus you put into each of them.

When looking at all the major components and pieces within your life such as health/wellness, career, relationships, social, community, faith, financial, mindset, etc., they are all individually important links on the overall chain of life that pulls you toward a higher level, as well as being able to find happiness, balance and fulfillment in your everyday.

All of these items have a linear relationship and are directly related and connected. As you take the time to improve one area, as long as you are not neglecting or being oblivious to the others, all others in your life will improve, strengthening the overall tension available within the chain. In other words, the strength in a chain is provided when tension is placed on it. This tension is represented in your life with things like obstacles and challenges that are pushing you to become your best and reach a higher level. They’re work challenges that demand your best. They’re family issues that make you step up to the task of being a great parent or spouse. They’re community activities that require your time and commitment in giving back.

With all the important areas of your life being connected in one way or another, and you only being able to handle a certain total amount of tension within the entire chain, as you begin to stretch the tension in one link, all the others will begin to tighten as well and must be strong or solid or your weakest link will snap and break, ruining that overall balance. It’s vital to be aware of what the max amount of tension you can put on your chain at any given moment in your life is because if that chain breaks, you’re going to immediately see things like stress, anxiety and disorganization appear in your life. If relationships at home begin to fall apart, it will affect your career. If you’re over committing at your job, your family will probably suffer. If you neglect your health and wellness, your energy levels will suffer, severely hampering your overall productivity across the board.

Now, the trick is really being strong at self-reflection and analyzing those important areas of your life on a daily and weekly basis, recognizing where you need to strengthen some links and maybe even add tension. Or maybe where you need to lighten up the tension a bit so that you don’t blow over that max amount.

So, how do you effectively self-reflect? Take time each day and each week to think about where you’re spending your time, energy and focus within each area of your life. With this, be sure these areas of tension are positively reflecting back toward the values that are important to you. Take yourself through a designated list of questions regularly. For me, I like to self-reflect every night as I’m lying in bed. I think of things like Where did I spend all my time today? Who did I help? What did I do well? What can I do better tomorrow? What do I need to be more intentional about and pay more attention to? I also do this on a weekly basis as I look back and reflect on my week. With that, I’m also looking ahead to the week to come and setting clear intentions and goals for my links in the chain.

In summary, you have areas in your life that you excel in and are your stronger links, as well as others that are weak and need to be improved before the strength of the overall chain will be improved. Be honest with yourself regarding those strengths and weaknesses, or links, and constantly be evaluating and testing their limits. Repair the links that you’ve maybe neglected by addressing them with more focus and energy, as well as temporarily pulling just enough tension out of the others. Define clear goals and strategies that will improve your weak links and provide a higher amount of overall tension within your chain. And finally, track your progress toward those goals, celebrating the small wins and constantly striving for growth and improvement.

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