As I had my official business ribbon cutting ceremony yesterday with the Fargo-Moorhead West Fargo Chamber of Commerce, it really triggered some things in my head and made me really look back at the last few years…

Less than 3 years ago I took an enormous leap of faith in leaving teaching for something that I couldn’t even quite identify yet.

I was then blessed with a fantastic mentor that gave me an opportunity and taught me an enormous amount in only 6 short months.

I again rolled the dice when I left that position after we adopted our daughter and I needed to prioritize family.

In the meantime, and after reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It, I was inspired to start thinking about creating an online business, really moving down that path toward entrepreneurship and helping others reach a new level in their lives.

Nine months later I was fired. It was devastating at the time, but was also the last kick in the ass and obstacle I needed to permanently figure things out and launch myself.

I had family that came to the rescue and wanted to help me launch things at any cost. They were beyond vital in the start of my business and I could never repay them enough.

Not quite a year ago, I gave my very first talk, if you can call it that, in my hometown. There were three people that showed up and listened. My mom, my dad, and a 70-some-year-old named Inez that was falling asleep half way through. Not even kidding!

Fast forward a year and half more, here I am.

Multiple connections, introductions, networking opportunities, learning experiences, failures, successes, moneys made, moneys down the drain, books, trainings, clients and hours of hustling later, I’m extremely proud to have accomplished what I have thus far and am lucky to have helped the numerous people that I have worked with become even better.

I’d ask anyone reading this post to please do one thing for me. The people in your life, or even those that you meet and come into your life, even if only for a brief period or time:


Maybe it’s with their business.

Maybe it’s life advice they could use.

Maybe it’s parenting advice.

Maybe it’s just listening to them vent their frustrations.

But please ask. Don’t stand at a distance and just watch the show in life. Offer to help them become their best in any way possible.

It’s in doing this that the favor thrown out into the universe will return back at you and you’ll truly start to learn more about and become better yourself.

A huge thanks to all those that have helped me. Even bigger and greater things to come, yet! Stay tuned ?