The phrase green and growing or ripe and rotting, coined by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc has always been one that has stuck in my mind. As it pertains to your business, and even yourself personally, there’s no truer statement regarding growth and development. Successful businesses are always looking to improve and take things to the next level, or grow, in other terms. Organizations that don’t make it are those that fail to continually look for ways to improve people, communication, organization, prioritization, etc.

It amazes me how many businesses continue to chug along and make money with as unorganized and dysfunctional they may be throughout. Most businesses will tend to turn a blind eye toward the chaos within their organization as long as it continues to make money and be profitable, only looking to address key issues when they present a legitimate and serious enough threat. Unfortunately, however, these businesses will eventually hit a ceiling that will slow them down or stop them completely. These issues that continue to exist and are ignored will come back to bite them hard at some point or another, many times leading to their impending doom. Whether they be people or process-related challenges, a healthy organization will fail to grow to another level, or even fail completely, unless key components are properly addressed, allowing them to continue to move forward.

As an EOS Implementer™, I help businesses get the most out of themselves by providing a proven and effective system of implementing these key components which helps in getting everyone in their organization on the same page, creating more focus and accountability and helping their leadership team become a higher functioning, healthier and more cohesive group. Ultimately, this allows the business to effectively grow and scale as needed.

6 Key Components™ of EOS®

Vision – Do you have employees within your business that aren’t in tune with your company’s direction? Effective businesses need a consistent and visible vision throughout their entire organization. Everybody has to know exactly who your company is what it’s about and be fully on board.

People – Have you made the mistake of organically pushing employees up through the ranks, even though they aren’t best suited for positions? Organizations with the right people in the right seats that are doing what they’re most effective at will be able to reach a higher level.

Data – Are you waiting until a quarterly report comes out to determine next steps and direction? Being able to effectively and efficiently track proper metrics and measurables as things are happening in real-time allows a business to have a greater sense of what is truly going on within their organization and quickly adapt and pivot as needed.

Issues – Do you constantly rehash the same challenges and obstacles over and over without ever getting things accomplished? Effectively being able to identify, discuss and solve key issues once and for all is vital for any successful business.

Processes – Do you have a variety of different processes being done by various employees that are causing confusion? Identifying and creating core business processes that are followed by all allows a company to function at the highest level possible.

Traction® – Are your meetings at the highest level of effectiveness possible, or is there room for improvement? Implementing successful meeting and goal setting formats allows organizations to reach a higher level of long-term and sustainable performance more quickly.

Once all these components are effectively implemented within a business, the result is a healthy and focused leadership team and organization that makes continual progress toward achieving everything in their vision.

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