Whether your business or company is comprised of a few employees or a few thousand, it’s extremely critical that everyone in the organization is on the same page with who you are, where you are, and where you’re going.

Disconnects within organizations occur when employees are uninformed, don’t fit the company culture or aren’t motivated by expectations and goals. Once you’re able to get the right people in your organization performing what they do best, every single one of them, from your CEO on down to a brand new hire, should be able to answer these 8 key questions:

What are your company’s core values?

Every organization needs to establish exactly what they’re about. These characteristics drive everything and guide your business as far as what you want from the culture of your organization. Could your employees list these out if asked? Are they living and breathing them also as employees of yours?

What is your company’s core focus, or mission statement?

This is what you do best and what’s truly important to you, as well as what you consistently come back to within your organization when decisions need to be made. Once this is clearly defined, your organization needs to stay laser focused toward it at all times. Could an employee of yours rattle this off without looking?

What is your company’s 10-year target?

Do your employees know where the business is being taken long-term? If not, they will not be able to set sails toward further goals. Everyone needs to have that vision imprinted in their mind of what the business will look like years down the road.

What is your company’s marketing strategy?

Do your employees all know how to market your business? What do they tell others when they ask about your business? Is everybody clear on who your ideal prospect is and how you effectively market to them? How about value propositions? Does everybody know what makes you uniquely different from businesses similar to yours? And do you have a proven process that is documented regarding how you take clients through your services or offerings?

What is your company’s 3-year picture?

Once you have everybody knowing who your business is, what you do best, where you’re going long-term and how you’re going to get there, it’s time to establish a 3-year picture that every employee can visualize so that everybody can see the same thing. Once your employees know your 3-year picture, they will know the foundation for the long-term plan. Are they aware of this picture? Do you frequently update them on this?

What is your 1-year plan?

Have you identified your revenue, profit and measurables? Do your employees know exactly where they fit in to the overall puzzle of making this happen? What are their roles and responsibilities to drive your business forward? Your employees should have a strong sense of ownership in how their role plays a key part in taking your business forward toward that 1-year plan.

What are your company’s quarterly rocks, or 90-day priorities?

Most businesses have grand plans and goals, but they lack the discipline to take their vision and get it moving by creating strong priorities as a company overall, as well as for individuals within it. By creating 90-day priorities, it gives your employees a chance to focus on and knock out these goals within a designated timeframe, and then allow them to come up for air, reflect, refocus and align toward next priorities. Do your employees have designated priorities they focus on with deadlines, or are they merely just going through daily motions?

What are your company’s main issues to resolve?

Every company has issues, challenges and obstacles. How effectively do you solve these, however? Are they items that you merely discuss over and over, neglecting to efficiently solve and make them go away forever? Too often, you may be solving the small issues first because they are easier. Instead, prioritize the biggest elephants in the room that will make the biggest difference and hammer through those first. Typically, the other issues are merely symptoms of the bigger problems and will go away once the biggest obstacles are resolved and taken care of.



In hindsight and after reading through all these now, can you say all your employees can answer every single one of these questions? If not, I’d love to help get your organization and leadership team to a healthier and higher performing level. Contact me at patrick@patrick-metzger.com to learn more about how I can help crystallize all these concepts within your organization with EOS implementation.

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