1. A Helpful Partner or Spouse – It’s true. Many Sunday evenings I have to remind myself to tell my BMW (beautiful marvelous wife) Thanks for doing all the laundry. It wasn’t by mistake that it just showed up in my drawers clean and folded. And this is just one of many items she does behind the scenes for myself and our family. Keep an eye out for these hidden gems another does for you and make a point to say thanks.


  1. Running Water & Electricity – It’s amazing how much of the world doesn’t actually have these basic amenities. Be extremely thankful that you merely flip on a switch or lift a handle to get power and clean water without even thinking about it.


  1. That Friend That Calls You Out When Needed – You need a kick in the ass at certain times in your life when you are playing the poor me game or maybe when you get a little too big for your britches. Be thankful somebody loves you enough to put you in your place and bring you back to reality and balance when needed.


  1. A Good Laugh – Not only is it healthy, mentally and physically, but it reduces your stress and keeps things in check when you start to lose focus. Be thankful for those that you enjoy spending time with and that always seem to lighten the mood and put a smile on your face.


  1. Past Mentors and Teachers – You are who you are because of all the people that have come before you and helped you along the way. Make a point to reach out to them just to say thank you again.


  1. You’re In Control of You – Too often forgotten is the fact that you hold enormous amounts of power as an individual to go after your goals, dreams and be successful. Stop playing the blame game for things that happen to you, realize that it’s all about YOUR actions and be thankful you have 100% control over them.


  1. The Ability to Learn – Want to learn something? You have the ability to learn about anything you want. Be thankful you can read, access the internet and network with others to help you become anything you want to be.


  1. Your Feelings and Emotions – This is all about the human element. Let yourself feel emotions and feelings, be it positive or negative ones. These help create and shape you.


  1. Nature – There’s always something calming and relaxing about just getting outside, away from distractions and connecting with nature. It goes to show you how truly primal you really are. Be thankful for the sunsets you see. The warm sun on your face. The explosion of colors you see in the leaves in the fall. It’s truly remarkable that somebody or something is responsible for creating all of it.


  1. The Struggles of Life – This is by far the most underestimated item to be thankful for. Too often you find yourself complaining about struggles and difficulties and fail to realize the growth and resiliency that is found within them. Embrace the struggle, as it only makes you stronger and better.