Just hearing the word meeting might make you cringe and be tempted to call in sick already, right?! So why do your meetings suck?

Pointless?…Too long?…Lack focus?…Constant tangents?…Inefficient?…Unnecessary to be part of?…Just leads to another meeting?…

In all honesty, not many managers and leaders conduct a tight, efficient and well-run meeting.

Why? Numerous reasons…

How about the fact that your fearless leader is in the weeds and has a hard time planning them while focusing on running the business?

Or that stepping back from the emotions and feelings within meetings is extremely difficult at times?

And taking the time to plan and lay out an effective structure? They probably aren’t taking the time to do it.

And most of all, trying to conduct it FOR the business while being IN the business is a priority struggle.

So, how can you start to conduct top-notch, high-level meetings that address and solve issues, update everyone and share successes, challenges and progress in only a matter of a few minutes AND be efficient and build a more cohesive team?

It’s called the Level 10 Meeting™, and it’s only a small fraction of what makes the EOS Process® a successful and proven business framework to professionally implement within your organization.

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