Traction – This is the book that started it all and what the EOS Process® is based around. If you’re an analytical person and like to see all the pieces of the EOS® puzzle described, this is the perfect read. I’ve personally never met a person that has read it and didn’t think the principles, methods and concepts in it were less than outstanding. This is truly the place to start with EOS!

Get A Grip – This is my personal favorite. Taking the concepts from Traction, Get A Grip tells a fable of Swan Products, a company in Minneapolis desperately in need of getting everyone in the organization aligned toward a common vision before the company goes under. If you’d like to read in story format of what EOS would look like coming in to your business and how it well help you with vision, execution and creating a healthier, more cohesive and functional leadership team, then this is definitely your read.

Rocket Fuel – Your business already has a visionary, the person with the big ideas and that’s great at building relationships. You also have an integrator, the person that is the glue of your organization and drives the day to day accountability. What you may not know is that your business has possibly hit a ceiling because that person is one in the same. Or perhaps you have each role within your organization, but they aren’t functioning well together. Rocket Fuel dives into identifying who is whom in your organization and how to create that optimal relationship between the roles to get more from your business.

What The Heck Is EOS? – Have you already implemented EOS or going to be soon in the near future? This is the read for your employees to better understand what will be coming, how it will benefit the company and the ins and outs of EOS. What The Heck Is EOS? also does a great job of introducing the foundational tools and helping employees see how their cog in the wheel benefits the entire wheel of the organization.

How To Be A Great Boss – Looking for practical tools that you can immediately implement with your staff to create a higher level organization? How To Be A Great Boss presents a straight forward and practical approach to help bosses at any level of business get more from themselves, their organization and their employees.

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