When I first mention to people that I am a business coach, too often I see in people’s eyes the thoughts of a consultant coming in to their business to tell them what they’re doing right, what they’re terrible at and who they need to fire. Very reminiscent of the two Bobs in the movie Office Space coming in to clean house of Milton and all the other less than sub-par employees! In all honesty, consulting can tend to have a pretty negative connotation for many business owners, leaders and teams.

What many business owners tend to neglect to listen for when they first hear about EOS® is the fact that it isn’t consulting. In fact, it’s a very unique and different approach from a typical consultant. Below are just a few of the ways that EOS and your basic consultant differ, as well as what EOS really is and isn’t.

  • EOS Is Teaching, Facilitating & Coaching In Its Finest Form – Whereas most consultants are brought in to work with a specific or special area of your business, tell you best practices in that specific arena and where you’re falling short, EOS is NOT subject matter expertise. Professional EOS implementation is about teaching of a super effective framework, facilitating the discussions that need to be had within your leadership team and organization and coaching your business on how to best use the tools, methods and concepts within the system to get more out of your business.


  • EOS Is About Keeping Things Simple – Too often, businesses want to dive into enormous strategic plans, lay out complex processes and structures that, unfortunately, will only increase the complexity and complications within the organization. EOS is about stripping everything possible away in order to create the most simple structure, processes and methods that will take your business to the next level.


  • It’s Proven & Effective – With Professional EOS Implementers being responsible for putting in over 55K sessions with almost 8K different companies worldwide, the proof is in the pudding. Plain and simple, when EOS is correctly and efficiently implemented by a professionally trained implementer, it’s bulletproof for your businesses.


  • EOS Coaching Session Days Are Guaranteed – We’re so confident in the value we provide to your business that we 100% guarantee our session days with you. We only get paid after your company has received the value you expected from each session day with us. Find a consultant that will guarantee their work to that extent!


  • EOS Is Lasting Long-Term – Consulting can turn into a flavor of the week feel every few months or year for companies because it typically doesn’t provide any long-lasting accountability and ownership for those within the organization. EOS creates a strong top to bottom buy-in and framework for every employee in the business to sustain that accountability long-term.


  • It’s All About Execution – EOS isn’t going to help your company if you are marketing or selling the wrong product or service in the wrong market. That’s a whole different problem. EOS is all about bringing  your company’s execution level to its highest level.


  • EOS Is Fast Moving & Creates Fast Results – Most consultants want to take time to really dig in to your business and take the time in doing it. EOS is about creating traction from day one, with organizations seeing significant progress within only the first couple months.


  • EOS Isn’t Digging Into Your Business – Consultants want to get deep into your business and know everything. An average EOS client is only taken through the process for roughly two years until they’re ready to run on their own. Our job isn’t to deep dive, it’s to pull the answers and knowledge that already exists in your meeting rooms and use it to teach you how to effectively run EOS on your own as a company.


  • EOS Companies Are Open, Honest & Vulnerable – If you aren’t willing to take a long look in the mirror and see what you can or really need to improve on, EOS isn’t going to be a good fit for you. If you think you already have all the answers and don’t need outside help or coaching, EOS really won’t be for you. The EOS Process is one that works best with an open, honest and vulnerable leader and team that is always looking for ways to improve and become the best they can be, no matter what level or ceiling they’re at.


  • EOS Is The Compilation Of Best Business Practices – It’s no coincidence that when Gino Wickman started putting together the EOS model that he took the best ideas from hundreds of years of business and matched them to the common obstacles and challenges that all businesses have. Most importantly, however, is that he tested it and honed the system over and over until it became flawless for companies that fit the EOS profile.


  • EOS Is Industry Agnostic – Consultants are typically pretty specific to an industry or two. EOS was specifically built to be a fit for any industry. Again, it’s about the teaching, coaching and facilitating of a framework-it’s not about the specific business.


  • It’s Relationship-Centric – One of our core values says it best – Do The Right Thing. EOS isn’t about running as many companies as we can through a transactional mill. EOS truly focuses on strong, in-person relationships with businesses and teams. Our business model is built on trust and rapport.


  • EOS Is All-Encompassing – Whereas a consultant will only help your business or organization improve one or two specific areas within your company, EOS addresses all Six Key Components that every challenge within your organization will fall under, therefore strengthening your entire company.


Want to know more about EOS or interested in having me sit down with your leadership team for a FREE 90-minute meeting to show you firsthand how EOS will allow you to step back from your business, gain better control and get everyone in your organization on the same page and moving in the same direction? Contact me personally at patrick@patrick-metzger.com or 701-412-1710