Wonder exactly how and what kind of businesses I help as a Professional Entrepreneurial Operating System Implementer?

Check out my recent interview from What’s On Your Mind Show with Scott Hennen on 1100AM The Flag from July 28th, 2020, as we discuss through the process I use in helping small to medium size businesses get more from their businesses and live better lives through the EOS framework. We also talk through the types of companies that are prime candidates for the framework.

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Interview Script

S: Our next guest is a Professional EOS Implementer. EOS is kind of a different kind of operating system – It’s an Entrepreneurial Operating System. And he implements for businesses, also a keynote speaker. Patrick Metzger is with us. Hey, Patrick, how are you?

P: Awesome! Excited to be here, Scott.

S: So, you’re a professional implementer. Some would call that a business coach. What exactly does it mean? Tell us what your role is.

P: As a Professional EOS Implementer, I come in to small to medium size businesses and really implement an overall framework for them to use. So, it’s really framework of simple tools, concepts, methods that really addresses all the issues within a business. So very all-encompassing, and what we really do is we help businesses get better at three things. We call that Vision, Traction and Healthy.

So, Vision is really about helping get everyone in the business on the same page with where you’re at, where you’re going and, really, how you’re going to get there. Traction from the standpoint of building much more accountability, focus and ownership within a business to make sure everyone is executing on that vision, top to bottom throughout the organization. And then Healthy, really putting some time into – I primarily work with a company’s leadership team, and so we really focus on building a healthy and smart leadership team as far as strategy and have fun while doing it because as your leadership team goes in an organization, so goes the rest of your organization.

S: So, that’s the process, step by step going through Vision and Traction?

P: Yeah, what the process really looks like is I work with primarily a company’s leadership team, and what my role really is is that I am a teacher, facilitator, coach and partner. So, I’m not a true consultant, per se, in that we’re not subject matter experts on a specific item in your business. What we really do is teach you the tools, methods to use so that your company take those items, they apply it and really run with it.

So our goal as implementers is we’re really looking to help you implement the framework of EOS to help your business, and then to, honestly, get out of your business as fast as we can. So kind of a nontypical approach, but we want you operating your business how you really need to do it.

S: Tell me about your ideal client.

P: Our ideal client is, really, we’re looking for small to medium size businesses that really fit two mindsets. One, being very open, honest, transparent. They’re able to take a look in the mirror and always looking for ways to improve. So, a very growth-oriented and growth-mindset as well. And growth comes in a lot of different categories. Some people think of growth as just revenue or employees. It could as simple as market share, certain percentages or even making a bigger impact in your community. So, we’re really looking for companies that fit those two items.

And then as far as size and such, revenue-wise, any company that’s anywhere from a few hundred thousand up to hundreds of millions that run on EOS. As far as number of employees, it might be only a handful up to several hundred.

S: You know, it’s interesting when I hear you talk about that, I can hear a lot of business owners going Always wanted to do something like this. Always wanted to take the time and take the step back and say where are we going, what are we going to do. Don’t have the time. Don’t have the bandwidth to do it. I would imagine when you’re in and doing what you do, it has to be a big relief and you get some massive buy-in and off they go?

P: It’s huge. Every business owner, especially small entrepreneurial type businesses, you know, any where from a handful to several hundred, one of their biggest challenges is stepping back and working on the businesses. So many of them have grown organically over time so they haven’t developed the processes, the clarity, the communication and looking at the right data. And they have people all over the place in their organization. And the goal, really, is to get everyone on the same page with where you’re going and how you’re going to get there.

S: Yeah, that’s fascinating. Why do you do this? Why do you do what you do? What kind of passions do you have for growing businesses?

P: Yeah, I had a gal from Dallas, Texas, awaken me to this, and it took me 36 years to figure this out. She asked me Patrick, You’ve lived a lot of lives man. You’ve been a teacher for over a decade. You opened up your own health/wellness business and worked with people nationally. She goes What is your passion? And she really made me think about it in the last year here. And I said You know, when I look back at my whole past, it’s always always, every single thing I’ve done, has been about helping people become more and grow and succeed, whether it’s personally or professionally. Because so many people out there, it doesn’t matter if it’s yourself or your business, you have so much more gas in the tank, but it takes somebody else coming in and help facilitate processes, change mindsets to really help reach into that tank and get more out of you.

S: Fascinating. Talking to business owners and folks that might be a perfect fit for this directly. Tell them why they should work with a Professional EOS Implementer.

P: The biggest benefit we provide, honestly, is we provide that outside, unbiased resource. So many businesses, where their struggles lie, is they can’t get the elephants in the room out on the table. They’re holding back. Their team members are holding back. Executives and business owners have a really tough time getting others to see what’s in their head. And doing that brain dump and getting it all out there.

So, one of the biggest benefits we provide is we facilitate those really hard discussions, we get everything out on the table. All the issues, all the challenges, identify what you’re doing well and then we take that next step in how we’re going to fix it all. The beauty of it is that it’s all in the framework we provide. It’s all encompassing. We address what we call the Six Key Components, and through all those components, we help you address every obstacle in your business, top to bottom.

S: Fascinating. How can folks get in touch?

P: They can hit my website at www.patrick-metzger.com Always looking for – We offer a free 90-Minute Meeting to any leadership teams that fit that mindset and are looking to grow and are open and transparent. You can find me as well all-over social media at patrickmetzgercoaching – LinkedInFacebook

S: This is the first interview I’ve ever done with a Professional EOS Implementer. So, that’s what I’m going to check off the box now – been there, done that! An Entrepreneurial Operating System implementer. A pro – Patrick Metzger. And find out more again at www.patrick-metzger.com