I hear from business owners all the time, I just can’t seem to clarify my vision to everyone else on the team and get everyone on board with it. What do I need to do?

Check out my recent interview from What’s On Your Mind Show with Scott Hennen on 1100AM The Flag from September 24, 2020, as we began discussing through how a business can begin to establish more clarity, communicate the vision down to the rest of their organization and effectively start strategically planning where the businesses needs to go.

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Interview Script

S: Patrick Metzger is in the house. How are you sir?

P: I’m wonderful today!

S: Patrick is a Professional EOS Implementer, also a keynote speaker. And we’re going to talk a little bit about clarity and vision. Who do you typically help? Talk a little bit about a group you’ve come in to say Gosh, good company…lot of good people…great product…but JUST need a little bit more to get across the finish line.

P: The kind of companies I really focusing working with is #1 – small to medium size businesses, so anywhere from a few employees to maybe even several hundred. And then really, they fall into two buckets: One being they’re really having trouble scaling and growing. They’ve just hit a ceiling, not sure how to break through it or gain traction and get moving. Or else, the other side of the coin is a company that’s really like a rocket ship taking off and needs to stay on the rails per say. And they just need a framework to do that.

S: In my mind, without clarity and vision, company or individual, whomever you’re talking about, you’re spinning your wheels. They are essential, aren’t they? Otherwise you’re going to just bounce off the walls and not necessarily have a direction of where you are going, right?

P: Absolutely! And you see that so many times in small entrepreneurial companies like the ones that I work with. You typically have a visionary or owner that starts a company because they’re very skilled at something. They add more employees. They add more employees. They’re up to 5 or 10 employees before they know it. They’re organically created a lot of processes that maybe don’t work and they hit that ceiling then where they need a better vision. They need a better framework. They need better processes in order to really take that next step. They’re a tradesman or a skilled worker, but they’re not necessarily a great business person. And once you hit that ceiling or that magic point, you have to be a better business person than you are.

S: What comes first, clarity or vision?

P: How we attack things within EOS when I come into a company, is we establish traction first we always say. You have to have traction before the vision component actually. So, the first day I come into a business and start working with them we immediately identify things like ideal business structure, we develop a scorecard so they can track appropriate metrics, KPI’s, things like that. We start talking about biggest what we call rocks, the biggest issues or obstacles they need to start tackling. Then, when I actually come back the second day we start actually diving into the actual vision piece because you need to establish that discipline, accountability and focus before you ever really start talking vision. And that’s where a lot of people make a mistake is they have this grandiose idea of what they need for a vision and they just get stuck there and don’t know how to execute it.

S: So, it has to be achievable? It has to be tied to everything you’re doing. Not just some grandiose, you want to be the next Google.

P: Oh, absolutely! And everything has to run through your vision and values. And that’s where we really start with companies once we get them moving after that first day is we start establishing things like your values, Core Focus, 10-year target – we start to break that down. And then identify where you need to go in the next 90 days and what are your biggest issues that are going to hold you back from getting there.

S: So, is a mission statement part of that?

P: Yeah, a mission statement we actually call Core Focus. So that Core Focus is really made up of 2 different pieces. The first part is your why, or what we call your purpose, cause and passion. You look at your most successful businesses in the world – your Silicon Valley type companies, your Apple, your Google, it’s not about putting a phone in someone’s hand, it’s not just about giving them information, it’s really about empowering people and changing their lives, completely. So, they have a very very deep why. You know, if you’ve ever read Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why, it’s a fantastic read on why you really do things, personally, professionally and what are you really truly about, so you have to establish that. And then we also talk about the what, or the niche. So, what does a company do really really well, and how do we keep you really laser focused on that so you aren’t chasing all those shiny objects in your business.

S: That makes sense. How do you help companies get into the long-term planning process? So, let’s just shut everything off here on the day to day and go to a 10-year target.

P: Companies really struggle with two things: They have trouble working on their business vs working in their business. And a lot of companies work in it, they work in it, they work in it, and they neglect to work on their business. And before you know it, they don’t really know who they are and where they’re going. So, we want to set the sails first as far as what is that long-term 10-year target, or BHAG if you’re familiar with Jim Collins – the big, hairy, audacious goal of, you know, in a dream world, where do you really want to take your business to. And then we really start to break that down into what we call a 3-year picture and a 1-year plan where we start getting really granular on what’s the revenue you want to be at, what are the measurables you need to hit. What does your business really look and feel like when you finally get to that point?

S: And this is everybody in the company?

P: We start with just the leadership team because they have to buy into this whole concept first. Everyone on your leadership team has to see your vision, they have to be super clear on it before you can ever start rolling down any of that to the rest of your employees. And that’s where a lot of companies drop the ball and make mistakes and why employees quit and leave is because they don’t know really who their company is, what they’re about, and more so, where they fit into the whole puzzle of it all.

S: Interesting. How do business owners start? Where do they start? What should be job one in finding the vision and clarity within their organization to get everyone on the same.

P: Honestly, bring somebody like myself in to do a free 90-minute meeting for your business, and what we’ll do is we’ll sift through all that stuff. We’ll take 90-minutes to talk through where is your business currently at? What are the obstacles and challenges you’re dealing with? Where do you want to get to? And then I take them through all the tools that I’ll actually use within their company and show them exactly how we can do that.

S: You said the magic word there. FREE?!

P: It’s free, yeah! I’ll take literally 90 minutes, sometimes two hours, to sit down with a leadership team and really hack through everything that’s great about your business, everything that’s not so great and say hey, here’s how we can fix it and here’s the proven system that will work to fix it.

S: Fascinating. Patrick Metzger with us. We at Flag Family Media really have a soft spot for small businesses and helping them in any way we can, so whenever we have resources available to us that can help you, we want to let you know about them. Same thing we do with each of the relationships we have with our advertisers. We ‘re coming in there not to sell them advertising, but to help them grow their business. So, I love what you do, Patrick, that’s for sure.

Tell folks how they can schedule one of those free 90-minute meetings and learn more about what you do every day.

P: The best way is to hit my website, Patrick-metzger.com. If you go up into the right corner you can schedule a free call with me, talk through a little bit about what’s going on and we can nail down a time when it works best for me to come in and meet with your company, whether in person or virtually.

S: Sounds great. Thank you, Patrick. Appreciate it.

P: Yup. Awesome. Thanks, Scott!

S: Professional EOS Implementer and Keynote Speaker, Patrick Metzger with us on What’s On Your Mind.