Your business is like a puzzle.

It’s a box of pieces – people, resources, processes and data that are all in a pile. On the outside is a beautiful picture of what everything in the box is supposed to come together and harmoniously form.

When starting to put together a puzzle it all starts with the picture on the outside of the box, or the vision, of what the inside will look like when all is said and done.

The next step is to dump out all the pieces and see what you’re working with. It’s typically best to start flipping over all the pieces so that they’re right side up. From there, you start to sort out the edge or border pieces and begin to categorize pieces by color or pattern.

Then, once you have the border and framework for the puzzle completed, you begin to dive into the details and meticulously place the pieces by seeing what seems to fit where and matching pieces that connect and go together.

After trial and error with some pieces, and knowing quite certain where others will fit, you finally complete the puzzle. Ta da! A masterpiece that looks just like the cover on the box, right?!

The reality of it, however, is that your business is probably more like this kind of puzzle… A dilapidated box with one of the sides missing. The picture on the cover is faded and scratched off so you can’t quite tell what certain parts of the puzzle are supposed to look like.

There are puzzle pieces missing. Some are in the couch cushions. Others got sucked up by a vacuum years ago. There are also pieces from other puzzles that were haphazardly thrown into the box. Other pieces have chunks missing from them so you know you’re going to end up with a strange hole in the puzzle at some point.

But, you just start doing what you can with what you have. Eventually you get a partially completed puzzle that looks a little rough and there just aren’t a whole lot of options to fix it…or so it seems. It doesn’t quite look like the picture that was once on the outside of the box. And you wonder if it ever can…

Like that disheveled puzzle, businesses share many of the same characteristics.

Everything starts with a vision or picture of what the business is to be. Over time, however, that clarity fades, direction changes or you’ve just plain lost sight of it.

You try your best to re-establish the framework of the business, but come to realize that the years haven’t been so kind to everything and everyone, and you discover there are people and processes missing.

You have extra people and resources that aren’t necessarily vital. Others have come and gone because they didn’t quite see where they fit into the overall puzzle of your organization.

And you’ve finally identified the holes throughout that you aren’t quite sure how you’re going to fill. In other areas, you’re not sure if it IS even a gaping whole or not.

You also haven’t followed all the right data, Instead, you’ve relied on putting together the business through feelings and emotions, hampering revenue, profit and impact.

And lastly, you feel like you’ve been flipping over pieces and putting together the puzzle for too long without ever getting closer to having it finished.

Are you ready to finally step back, re-evaluate your puzzle and make that once beautiful and complete picture on the box and in your mind come to life and become a reality?

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