I hear from business owners all the time, I wish my employees in my business would be more accountable? Why can’t they take more ownership and just get focused on what needs to be done?

Check out my recent interview from What’s On Your Mind Show with Scott Hennen on 1100AM The Flag from October 29, 2020, as we began discussing through how a business can begin to establish more clarity, communicate the vision down to the rest of their organization and effectively start strategically planning where the businesses needs to go.

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Interview Script

S: Patrick Metzger is next to me here on the program. Hello sir, how are you?

P: I’m wonderful! Always good to be on here, Scott.

S: Glad to have you in studio today. We’re going to talk here today a little about developing greater accountability, some ownership and some focus. I own it. I’m going to focus. I’ll be accountable. So, walk me through this. First of all, when you’re talking accountability, are you talking accountability to yourself? Are you talking accountability to your team, your employer, your family or what?

P: More so, within a business. You know, a big struggle for business owners and teams is to get their team to really step up to the plate. It’s a huge concern I always hear from business owners. How do I get my team more accountable? I need more accountability throughout my organization. It really comes down to two items. Accountability is one and ownership is the other. Lack of ownership within an organization really comes from not having a good, clear and consistent vision and really not communicating your big WHY to your employees.

S: Are you talking about ownership of the employees? You own this. You’re part of this.

P: Yeah!

S: You’re a piece of this puzzle. You own it.

P: Yes, exactly. I love how you bring up the puzzle analogy because I talk about that one all the time. How you need to get your employees to see where they fit into things, where their importance is and really what your organization is truly about, because once they truly know what you’re about – your big WHY behind everything – they’re going to buy in. But then you also need the accountability piece built into your entire system of how do you keep your employees accountable from top to bottom and make sure everything is getting done eventually within your organization.

S: The job satisfaction of that, I would imagine for the employee, has got to be off the charts, right?

P: Yeah.

S: You get them into a position where they feel like, you know, OK, they own it, I’m important to this company, here’s my piece, here’s what I’m going to do. You know, easier to motivate them then? Right?

P: Yeah, it always comes down to two factors. We always use the phrase Right Person – Right Seat. So, you have to get the right people into your organization first of all. People that are going to connect with your why, they’re a culture fit. They’re a value fit. And then right seat is really about getting people into positions doing what they love and what they’re good at. Because if they’re not in those two things, they’re going to be with you very long.

S: How about on the accountability front? I mean, accountability screams big brother, nanny. Not pleasant things. You get that right, and there again, the accountability works as well for you as it does for who you work for.

P: Yes. The thing with accountability is, high performers – the people you want to get into your organization – don’t mind being held accountable. You know, so number one, it starts with getting the right people into your business. But then, number two, you have to have that system to hold them accountable. And how do you create more focus too within your organization. So, what I do within businesses is really help them get way more focused on what we call Rocks. So, 90-day priorities. The items that your business really needs to focus on, and it’s only a few. A lot of businesses get so scattered all over the place and their employees are working on all kinds of things, and they don’t really see how it all rolls up into the entire picture what they’re really trying to accomplish as an entire company. And then having a really effective meeting structure also is another big piece of that. If you think of most businesses, they have worthless meetings. Let’s be honest. A meeting that could have been an email. A meeting where nothing got done and you need to have another meeting.

S: A lot of time in meetings!

P: And meetings are probably the most expensive part of your business. Especially if you’re talking leadership team. You get multiple people in a room that are getting paid hundreds of dollars per hour, that’s extremely expensive. So, how do you top to bottom throughout your organization make sure you’re having really effective meetings, you’re getting issues solved and you’re really facilitating through healthy conflict, which is super necessary.

S: This is your craft. This is what you do. You help businesses recognize their weaknesses there. How do people start a relationship with you? What’s the first step?

P: First step, honestly, is hit me up on my website. Give me a call. Text message. All my info is on there. Then what I do is we’ll schedule a time where I’ll come into your business. I’ll present for 90 minutes. I’ll walk you through the entire system that I use with companies to get everyone on the same page and moving in the same direction. I do a really detailed client profile intake as part of that where we really pick apart what’s going well in your business, where you’re struggling, how is your meeting structure, how is your accountability, is everyone on the same page. And it’s amazing when you see teams and you start to crack everyone open and you start talking about all those items you get a lot of different answers. And everybody starts looking around the room going Well, I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that. I didn’t know you thought that. And it sparks a great conversation where teams really finally realize Man, we really do need to get everyone on the same page.

S: Why does that Facebook hit or that website hit or text come? What prompts businesses to call you?

P: You know, it’s really two types of businesses that resonate with what I do. It’s either number one, a business that has just hit the ceiling. Whether it’s people, resources, profit, they’re just stuck and they don’t know what to do. And then the other one is like BNG Team here in Fargo, a team I directly work with. I mean, they’re like a rocket ship taking off and they just don’t know how to keep all the pieces together, or they just need help doing it because they’re growing and scaling so fast they really need a solid foundation to launch from. And I just really help organizations like that as well keep all the pieces together to establish those solid footings.

S: What is your website?

P: www.patrick-metzger.com You can schedule a free 90-Minute Meeting right through there by scheduling a call with me

S: Professional EOS Implementer and keynote speaker, talking today about developing greater accountability, ownership and focus. Thank you, Patrick Metzger, we appreciate it.