Check out my recent interview from What’s On Your Mind Show with Scott Hennen on AM1100 The Flag from December 10th, 2020, as we discuss through the recent launch of The Patrick Metzger Show and the PM and Associates consulting team.

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Interview Script

S: Patrick Metzger is back with us on the program. Patrick is a keynote speaker. He is a Professional EOS implementer, and he’s here to talk about something new new new! We like new don’t we, Patrick?!

P: We do, absolutely!

S: Always innovating, you entrepreneurs. You recently launched a new podcast, called The Patrick Metzger Show, and PM and Associates, a consulting team. So, tell us a little bit about it.

P: The new podcast, The Patrick Metzger Show, is really based around the journey of others. I have guests, everyone from national, international, local flavors, as far as business owners, high performers, musicians and athletes. And the whole idea for the podcast really came from the concept of I, myself, love listening to podcasts. I love listening to the stories of others. I love hearing the behind the scenes things that you don’t know about those types of people, as far as where they’ve been, where they’ve come from, the influences they’ve had along the way, the obstacles. Because everyone is an overnight success, right?!

So, my goal behind the podcast is to bring in those interesting personalities and really dig into their backstory of what got you here. And obviously, we talk about where they are currently, but the large majority of the podcast is diving into their story and how they’ve come to be.

S: If they don’t have a book written about them, that story probably isn’t told, so you’re doing something where you’re plowing some new ground in getting them to tell their stories.

P: Absolutely, and when you’re dealing with those types of people, their stories are kind of hidden, you know? You hear everything about their success, but you don’t ever hear much about the whole backstory of it.

S: Who would be the perfect audience for this?

P: Man, the perfect audience is everyone from a business owner that’s looking for business tips because we do talk a lot of business, a lot of leadership within the podcast, but even just an individual that’s looking for maybe they have a craving for self-development or maybe they’re looking to start their own journey toward self-development.

S: So, it’s about getting better in whatever you’re doing, and you’re going to pick up tips from people that are successful?

P: It is, absolutely.

S: That makes sense. Now, the other big news, because one launch is not enough, the PM and Associates consulting team is new. You’ve launched that. Tell us a little bit about it.

P: This is something that came together really fast. It’s something that has kind of been on my mind for the last year. I started connecting with all these people that were of the same mindset – abundance mindset. And they really wanted to dive into businesses and offer as many solutions as possible. So, PM and Associates, just launching today, consists of 11 members. All the way from the Midwest to strategic partners down into Texas. And it’s really two teams. One team is really focused around business, and one team is and actually focused around education and going into schools. Because, as a former educator myself, I really see there is huge huge gap missing between what education is doing, or more so, what they’re not doing, preparing young people to enter the professional workforce.

This whole team is really built around helping businesses and schools deal with people issues and the people component. Because in any business, that is by far the most challenging component. We have partners that work with everybody from solopreneurs to Fortune 100 companies.

S: Solopreneurs? I don’t think I’ve heard that term before? That’s kind of cool! So a solopreneur is a one man band?

P: You got it – you’re talking to one! So we have partners within this team that will address everything from EOS for myself, outsourced HR for businesses, business transitional planning, executive compensation plans that really help businesses with their succession and saving money, diversity and inclusion training, hiring and talent acquisition, culture and positivity training.

A big one of the education side of things is mindfulness. So we have a partner out of Austin, Texas, that is working with schools. It’s mind blowing what she’s doing coming into schools and doing mindfulness and social emotional intelligence training that’s getting extremely popular in education. Super super beneficial!

S: You mentioned that you had this idea in your head for some time and to do it. What made you do it? What was the spark?

P: That’s a great question. The final spark, by far, was as I go into all these businesses I identify all these other needs. When I come in and implement EOS, I implement a framework and it helps a company execute, but I start identifying all these other needs. You know? They need leadership coaching, they don’t have any HR presence, they don’t have anything around diversity. So I identify all these other items and companies ask me Hey, do you know somebody that does this? Well, for me, I just needed to put together an entire team that addresses all these issues and helps provide solutions for all those things.

S: Fascinating! If businesses have heard that spark today and said Wow, I’m interested, how do they get in touch with you?

P: Best way is to hit my website You can take a quick quiz on that PM and Associates page. There is a contact form there you can sure fill out. Head to that page also, check out the podcast. You can listen to it right there. You always also reach out by phone: 701-412-1710. So I love talking with people!

S: Fantastic! The Patrick Metzger Show is a brand new podcast. And also PM and Associates, a new consulting team. Patrick, thanks for spending a little time with us. We love the way you help businesses grow and develop strategies and frameworks for success. Thanks so much!

P: Thanks so much, Scott!

S: Good to see you!