In his prime at the end of the 19th century and into the early 20th, Charles Schwab was one of the top entrepreneurs in the nation. He served as president of both the Carnegie Steel Company and the US Steel corporation. He later grew Bethlehem Steel into one of the country’s biggest and most successful steel producers.

It’s said that Schwab once had a manager in one of the mills struggling to motivate his employees and get more out of them. The manager came up with every excuse for items he had tried, methods he had attempted implementing and had even gone as far threatening them to get more results.

It was near the end of the shift before the night crew came in to start producing their share of heats, and Schwab asked the manager if he had a piece of chalk. The manager casually handed him one as Schwab asked him how many heats the day shift had produced for the day.

“Six,” the manager replied.

Schwab proceeded to draw a giant 6 on the floor of the mill and quietly walked away.

Soon after, the night shift came in and took notice of the giant chalk number on the floor.

“What is with the 6?” they asked.

The manager then told the mill workers that the boss man had been in earlier and had inquired about how many heats the day shift had produced.

The next early morning, Schwab returned to the mill and made his rounds. He quickly noticed that the large 6 on the floor had now been scrubbed out and replaced with a giant 7.

When the day shift arrived, they couldn’t help but notice their 6 had now been replaced with a 7.

They immediately sought to show the night shift a thing or two. That next morning when they left, the 7 had been replaced with a 10.

That mill ultimately became one of the highest producing and most successful under Schwab’s guidance and management.


To get things done, create a healthy spirit of competition and the desire to excel within your organization

  1. How are you currently getting everyone in your business to take more ownership, accountability and buy into the vision you’ve created?
  2. Are you getting the execution out of your team and organization that you need?
  3. Do you have everyone on board?
  4. Do you have the right people to begin with?
  5. Are there clear expectations and a system of accountability to ensure success?

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