Business Coaching Sebastian Rusk Podcast

Craig Herd was once a corporate business leader, overseeing dozens of employees and burning the candle at both ends. He also came to realize that he was extremely unfulfilled personally and professionally, as well as the fact that his identity was tied up in being a businessman, rather than a loving husband and father. He decided to leave the rat race, bolting for a minimum wage job and to find who he was ultimately destined to be. Craig now helps busy male professionals around the globe in the arenas of business growth, family leadership, fitness and freedom.

Join us as Craig takes us through his journey and opens up on the feelings of being lost, the importance of self-talk and mental state and ultimately deciding to rewrite the story he had always envisioned for he and his family. If you’re a busy male professional, father and spouse, this is definitely an episode you don’t want to miss!

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