Success Stories!

Hear from past clients how Patrick helped them succeed

“I think his program is great for anybody, but parents for sure who are having trouble juggling everything – huge benefit!”


Business Manager

“My family probably has benefited just as much as I have. It has opened up opportunities in my business. It’s opened up opportunities in my family. This has been so wonderful for me because now I AM living my best life.”


Business Owner

“With the information and tools Patrick provides, you just can’t get that anywhere else.  I look at the growth I’ve made from when we started until the end and I’m a changed person.”


Dental Assistant

“It was all great for somebody with a busy lifestyle and with kids and still having time for family. I would recommend to anybody because it’s more than just getting healthy. It’s mentally way more rewarding than I ever thought.”



“I have learned so much. I’ve learned a lot about myself and nutrition and am much more confident in the choices that I’m making. It’s been great for my self-confidence.”



“I would recommend anyone that wants to build a better self and that’s in it for the long haul. Someone that really wants to learn about being healthy or anyone that thinks they’re too busy to take care of themselves.” 



“I was scared to workout again. I didn’t know where to start. Now, I’m actually rebuilding my body again. I’ve really made a mindset shift.”


Business Owner

“Patrick’s availability and communication provided me with on-the-spot feedback and resources and just the right amount of accountability to keep me going.”


Middle School Principal

“I’ve dropped 50 pounds and feel great. I’ve very much enjoyed working with Patrick.”

Jerry S.

Teacher and Coach

“Working with Patrick has been the most important investment I could have made in my health and my children’s health. I am so thrilled with his help that I am paying for my staff to work with him as well.”


Business Owner

“My clothes fit better, I have more energy and I definitely look more toned! I liked how his program is not just about losing weight, but focuses also on developing more of an overall healthy mindset.”



“Signing up with Patrick was one of the best things I have ever done!”



“Patrick’s program is amazing! I lost 16 pounds and my husband lost over 20 pounds. Feeling amazing and loving it! Thank you, Patrick!”


Hair Stylist

“Patrick was instrumental in helping me reach my goals. I have much more energy and learned valuable fitness and nutrition information that I can use for years to come.” 



This is definitely an all-encompassing program for any goal-setting, value-seeking individual.”


Administrative Assistant

“Both my husband and I worked with Patrick and are extremely pleased. We learned a lot from Patrick, and he continually encouraged us to achieve more than we thought we ever could. Excellent program!”



“My biggest struggle prior to working with Patrick was not knowing what workouts to do when I went to the gym. I really enjoyed the program, learned a lot and I’m a much healthier person.”



“Patrick helped me score a new and fantastic professional opportunity! He helped me create and refine my resume, and his knowledge of the recruiting process helped me overcome some fears and hesitations related to the potential job change.”


Account Manager

“I have so much more energy, I plan my days so much better and am so much more organized than I was. Working with Patrick has changed my mood and my attitude.”


Hair Stylist

“Patrick’s 1-on-1 guidance and passion to help make a better you is a great talent of his. I highly recommend his coaching to anyone that is ready for a healthy change in their life.”


Freight Broker